Getting Electrolysis has helped to boost my confidence/self esteem. It has also helped me with my appearance by making me feel better about myself. ~J.

Jennifer's Electrolysis

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Before electrolysis I was very self-conscious and would avoid social interactions. I have gained confidence, self-esteem and a great feeling that I finally did something for myself without feeling guilty. At Jennifer's, you will always be treated with respect, attention to detail, flexibility with scheduling and overall determination to make each visit a positive one! ~ E.
I am more confident of my appearance - no longer need to wear turtlenecks every day - I am able to wear lower cut tops which I had never worn before. I don't need to spend lots of time wit makeup to cover things up! I now know how to deal with unwanted hair with confidence. I know Jen will take care of it and it really will be gone permanently! That's a good feeling! The $ is not a risk. It works! ~ Anonymous
I feel pretty when I have a treatment. I don't have to keep my hands up around my face to hide my hairs. It gives me confidence, self-esteem. ~ K.
I work with the public and found my self obsession over my facial hair and now I feel confident after my sessions with Jen. I am putting my best face forward. ~ S.
I remember family members having coarse facial har and feeling the coarseness when I hugged them. I so didn't want people to remember or notice that about me. Also, I've been able to cut my hair short because Jen has taken care of my horrrid hairline. ~ P.
Electrolysis has helped me tremenously with regards to my appearance and self-esteem, and also helps me to feel more confident. Prior to treatment I always felt everyone must be noticing, but now I don't even think about it. ~ B.